Evidence-based nutrition content to connect with your vegan audience


Are you looking for a vegan nutrition expert to:

  • Engage your vegan audience online?
  • Create content that addresses your vegan audience’s values and pain points?
  • Drive traffic to your website using SEO best practices?
  • Provide evidence-based information on vegan nutrition and health?
  • Explain the health benefits of your vegan products or services?

If so, I’d love to help!

As a registered dietitian and vegan content writer, I break down complicated nutrition information for the general public without oversimplification. I use my experience helping real-life vegan clients (as well as personal experience) to provide SEO-optimized content that is helpful, practical, and trustworthy.

Freelance Writing Services

I specialize in creating content related to vegan nutrition, health, and wellness with the goal of helping people eat more plants!

Please contact me for rates regarding:

  • SEO-optimized blog posts
  • Health & wellness articles
  • Medical nutrition review & fact-checking of pre-existing articles
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Samples of My Recent Work

Blog posts and articles

Coffee Jitters: What Is It & 6 Better Ways to Boost Energy (for Ethans.com)

Plant-Based Protein Powder Benefits (for GarageGymReviews.com)


Fact-Checking and Content Review

Beans With The Most Fiber By Rank (fact-checked for PlantbasedFAQs.com)

How to Make Celery Juice + Recipe & Powerful Health Benefits (fact-checked and edited for JuicingJournal.com)

Stephanie Wells, MS, RD, LD with copy of Vibrant Life magazine

Want to learn more, or have questions about writing services for your brand?

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